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William Carey Publishing

William Carey Publishing (formerly known as William Carey Library Publishers) has been producing mission books and resources since 1969. As a publisher dedicated to shaping and advancing the missiological conversation in the world, we do our utmost to develop books that answer the most pressing issues and that reflect the most God-honoring practices of those practitioners endeavoring to advance the Kingdom around the world. However, advancing the Kingdom is not our only goal. We want people to be the Kingdom in action. Therefore, it is also vital to act as Jesus would act, which is why we also produce books that show how to love others as Jesus would love them in very practical ways.
William Carey Publishing has a finite amount of resources that we carefully steward to produce books that will have the best return on our investment. However, that return may be in lives changed and not necessarily in dollars earned. This is why we welcome financial and promotional partnership with the readers and agencies in which they serve. Grants and donations, especially those tied to specific book projects make all the difference in the world to ensuring that needed books are made, including projects that require considerable effort and resources. Projects like developing the Village Medical Manual, a 1200-page detailed guide to providing frontline medical care in places where professional medical care is nonexistent, or developing the audio book version of Perspectives or the 5th edition of Perspectives. Projects like these need funds above and beyond the average revenue that William Carey Publishing uses to operate.

Will you be a part of funding a project that shapes the Kingdom? Join us and let’s partner together to make these much-needed resources available.