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Doug & Emily Eli

Staff ID: 426


Director of Technology

I came to Frontier Ventures in 2008. Over the last 12 years my role has shifted and evolved. I have made websites and videos. I've modernized our video studio. I've upgraded our computer systems, policies, and device management to modern standards. I've implemented Office 365 as our cloud based productivity platform. I now have a hand in every aspect of technology in Frontier Ventures. The last two years I have focused most on improving our core technology platforms and operations (which proved to be essential during the COVID crisis). 

Providing our staff with modern tools and systems allows them to be more effective in the work they do. Technology should be something they don't have to think about or that gets in their way. 


Recruiting Assistant

My role is a support raising coach for members that are new to joining us or who are struggling with raising support to stay with us. One of the biggest reasons people leave the mission field are monetary issues. I encourage our members in support raising and offer any assistance they may need. I learned first hand in raising my own support to join here that it is certainly a step of faith. It is my job to make sure our members are well equipped for the task at hand.