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Helen Darsie

Staff ID: 234

My name is Helen Darsie. I have been serving at Frontier Ventures in Pasadena since 2010. I grew up in Guatemala City with a Guatemalan mother and an American father, so from childhood I have been bicultural and bilingual in English and Spanish.   

I studied history in college and Biblical archaeology in seminary, which is when I went on my first mission trip to Southeast Asia. This is also when I was introduced to the concept of an unreached people group. My team and I visited the villages of a people group that is now reached, but it was not then.   

I felt called by God to devote my life to frontier mission right before graduating from seminary. So, that fall I took the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class after my graduation.  It gave me a new understanding of the Bible and God’s purpose since the beginning of human history to bless the nations with His love and salvation. What a privilege it is that He desires for us to join Him in that task to see all peoples reached with the Good News of Jesus!   

I grew up with an unusually older father, so hearing about his life experiences instilled a love for the past in me from an early age. I am so thankful for my assignment in Frontier Ventures, which is to organize the archives collection that our late founder, Dr. Ralph Winter, left behind. This work is necessary, so the documents can be used for study and research.  It combines my passions for history and frontier mission so wellit could have been orchestrated only by God.   

My work has even included Spanish language materials that I am able to understand!  My hope is that my work of organizing these documents and visual archives (photographs and slides) benefits users and will result in more people being inspired, motivated, and mobilized to get involved in the Great Commission. May this work help expose them to all of the contributions of our predecessors, so in the end: Jesus Christ is worshipped in every people, language and culture of the globe.   

I also thank God for the community of people in PasadenaI have been blessed to be part of this communitywho are like-minded with me in life and with whom I share my passion for unreached people groups and a love for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. God has been so good to me. May my life count toward the coming of His kingdom, His will being done and His name being glorified by all peoples!