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Jerome Hannaman

Staff ID: 172
As chairman of the Southern California Mobilization office, I represent Frontier Ventures in Southern California. We work to mobilize churches to become involved in the frontiers of missions. This is mobilizing the Evangelical Christian community to become involved in reaching the Unreached Peoples both here, as well as around the world.

As I focus on the Diaspora people here, I work to understand the Frontier Mission opportunities that are now in the Greater Los Angeles area. I do this by representing Frontier Ventures at Mission Conferences and having a Mission Resource Center in Pasadena that sells mission-related books, posters and DVDs. I also develop and produce resources for believers, so they will inspire other believers to get involved in Frontier Missions. For this, our office has produced a Frontier Mission teaching DVD called Global Purpose, an Unreached People Group poster, and a book about the ethnic people now in Greater LA entitled EthnoLA: Reaching the Nations, Tongues, and People of the Greater Los Angeles Metro AreaThis book is produced from the research that we are doing in finding the different people groups that are currently here now. 

In terms of personal interests, I love the great cultural variety that we have in Los Angeles. I enjoy the many different ethnic restaurants and also love shared experiences as we have the ability to attend the many cultural celebrations that happen almost every other weekend. Also, one of my interests is hiking in the great parks and mountains we have here and (when I can) the Sierras, just a few hours away. 

My life is committed to communicating the peace and grace of Jesus to the people of the world who have not yet experienced it. And to do this in such way that they might experience its fullness, especially those that God is bringing from around the world to the Greater LA area.