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Peter Koch

Staff ID: 117

Peter Koch
Perspectives Study Program


To come alongside churches and individuals to see them passionately pursue God through his invitation to work alongside him using their unique blessings to advance the Kingdom to the least reached peoples.

About Me

My family has been heavily involved in the missions movement for my entire life. I grew up in a community where workers from around the world came to share what they were seeing God do in and through their lives. My personal engagement didn’t really begin until 2007 when I first took the Perspectives course after my first year of college. God used the course to reveal the meta-narrative that had so influence my upbringing and worldview. Through Perspectives, I began to put together all of the pieces of who I knew God to be, but also how he had shaped my life.

Immediately, I sought to further my education, through an intensive study program, that was also focused on the same narrative of God accomplishing his purpose throughout history. Upon completion, I was not quite sure what role God had in store for me, but as I continued my education I did my best to build experience. From 2008-2010 I led and hosted a small group of college students just trying to walk our faith out together. In 2010 I spent 6 weeks observing and serving missionaries working among Muslims in the southern Philippines. Then took a quick two week trip to South Africa 2011.

In 2011 I first started attending Reality LA, it was the first “church” I really felt like I could consider myself a member of. After a year of attending, I felt more urged to serve. Given my past, I went to the missions leader and offered my services for whatever they needed, which led to me coordinating my first Perspectives class in the spring of 2013. It was an incredible experience to see God move in the lives of the students, my friends around me and myself during the course. I’ve continued to coordinate classes each year ever since then, and continued to see the fruits every year of what God does through the Perspectives course in peoples' lives. It’s such an incredible blessing to witness how God’s story shapes and changes individuals into a realization of the invitation God has extended to them, to be in relationship with him as we go about our fathers business.

After that first year of coordinating Perspectives I connected more with the National Office of Perspectives, as well as Frontier Ventures, the organization I’d grown up in. A part-time position opened up in the Perspectives Finance office to help out with bookkeeping, which I took as I finished up my last semester at Cal State LA. Not long after, that part-time position turned into full time, and I continued to become more involved in Frontier Ventures and Perspectives. There, I really began to find a sweet intersection of my passions, strengths, and concerns. God continued to reveal to me how he’d been preparing me for this role through the path I’d walked. In the finance office, I developed an incredible joy for the ministry and felt like it was time to move forward again, by joining as a support raised member of Frontier Ventures, to commit my life to utilizing my gifts for seeing movements to Jesus expressing the fullness of the Kingdom among all peoples.

Today, I am aiming to develop the Perspectives Alumni network and collaborating with our partnering agencies and church to help believers discover the role and relationship God has for them in frontier missions.